Five Skincare Essentials


Here are 5 beauty essentials that are imperative to keeping your skin radiant and flawless, regardless of age, money or status. Even with all the techy facials out there, if you fail to do these 5 things your skin is bound to fail you at some point. The best part is it’s all cost effective and easy to execute.

  1. SUNSCREEN: Here’s a fun fact - 90 percent of all skin damage is caused by the sun, as per the Cancer Foundation, so in order to take care of your skin -- sunscreen is not negotiable. There are plenty of sunscreens that are compatible with makeup and there are ton of tinted moisturizers with SPF. Rule of thumb or in this case, RULE OF FACE -- for beautiful skin, start with sun care.
  1. HYDRATION: Hydration is everything! The basic fact is the human body is made up of 70 percent water and our skin accounts for 64 percent. Water keeps us alive, so naturally we need it as a baseline to keep our skin hydrated and radiant. Studies have shown that just two cups of water on a daily basis can increase blood flow to the skin and flush out toxins, which helps even out skin tone and improve complexion. If you suffer from problem skin, water can decrease breakouts and heal eczema, psoriasis and acne. The more water you consume, the better the balance of water and oil on the surface of your skin. Water also improves your skin’s elasticity by shrinking pores, helping prevent pimples and acne caused by clogging. For an immediate improvement to the quality of your skin, up your H2O game!
  1. SLEEP: If water is your skin’s best friend, then sleep is most definitely the next best friend in your skincare posse. While you sleep, your skin is able to recover moisture and rebalance the body’s hydration. Sleep experts estimate that you need between 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night to give your skin the time it needs to regenerate and recover. Sleep deprivation can accelerate aging, dry out your skin and worsen conditions like acne. The main issue is that when you’re sleep deprived, the body creates cortisol. Heightened levels of cortisol increase stress and inflammation, which in turn leads to an increase in the breakdown of collagen and hyaluronic acid (the molecules responsible for your skin’s hydration). A lack of sleep equals poor water balance, which manifests itself in signs of aging like puffy eyes, fine lines and dryness. Slow down the aging process and keep your skin happy by sleeping!
  1. MOISTURIZER: The next skincare beauty essential that you absolutely should not live without is a reliable moisturizer. Moisturizing helps prevent breakouts, fights wrinkles, reduces the appearance of blemishes and helps balance the skin’s complexion. Here’s a skincare secret – moisturizers with coconut oil are among the most effective in combating wrinkles and slowing down the signs of aging by boosting collagen and regenerating skin cells. Organic Reef is a relatively new clean beauty skincare brand that uses the most luxurious and organic coconut oil in their moisturizers for maximum anti-aging impact. Pair with Organic Reef Eye Cream for the ultimate dual action moisturizing system. Moisturizing your skin is key, but don’t forget about the delicate skin under your eyes.
  1. HEALTHY FOODS: For healthy and beautiful skin, consume nutrient rich foods that are loaded with vitamins and antioxidants. Healthy foods provide a ton of benefits. Vegetables like carrots, spinach and sweet potato contain beta carotene, which is an antioxidant that protects the skin from the sun, acting like a natural sunblock. Fruits like red grapes and berries contain resveratrol, which is a compound that reduces the signs of aging by slowing the production of free radicals, which damage skin cells. If you suffer from dry skin, eat foods with omega-3 fatty acids like salmon. Vitamin E is one of the most important antioxidants for your skin and you can get it by eating avocados, almonds, hazelnuts and spinach or broccoli. Eating is inevitable, so why not do it with your skin health in mind.

See! It’s that simple. Flawless and gorgeous skin can be achieved by leading a healthy well-balanced lifestyle, in addition to moisturizing. Are you missing any of these 5 beauty essentials in your skincare routine? We love hearing from you so if you have any others to add, please share in the comments below.

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