Our Story

Dave's family has been making organic coconut oil for over 4 generations. A tradition that has been handed down for over a century. Eventually he began to study the elements of organic coconut oil, the chemistry of extracting the highest yields of lauric acid and antioxidants, and then comparing these findings to the health aspect of skincare products on the market. He studied the labels of soaps, shampoos, face creams and lotions and was shocked to come across ingredients like Cocamide Diethanolamine - a chemically modified form of coconut (otherwise known as Synthetic Coconut Oil) used in personal care products and commonly added as a foaming or thickening agent. Dave also noticed that most of the store sold virgin coconut oil was refined, bleached and deodorized. After committing to years of extensive research with the help of the National Institute of Health’s medical publications database, he realized he had something important to offer and became determined to introduce the world to the island version of coconut oil - natural and organic.

From there, Organic Reef took form as a Mindful, Eco-Conscious and Clean Beauty company founded on island traditions and principles. Every product made by Organic Reef is carefully crafted with the environment and conservation in mind, from sourcing the highest quality natural ingredients from USDA certified “organic” volcanic ash farms down to eco-friendly packaging.

“My culture, heritage and family traditions are steeped in the island way of life. We are giving, caring people with family and trust at the top of our priority list. We also believe in peaceful mindful living. That feeling people get when they relax on the beach in the sun and listen to the waves; that was every day growing up. We gathered on the beach with all the other families and enjoyed the traditions of luau, dancing and connecting with the land. Everything I do and create stems from that connectivity that I have with nature and the island way of life.”

- David Sicard, Founder